SHR Nottingham's Tridon Lee Roy, MH 

DOB 4-17-09

OFA  Good   CERF Normal

Lee has his Started Hunting Retriever (SHR) title from the Hunting Retriever Club organizations and also he has his AKC Master Hunter title from the AKC's Spaniel Hunt Test program.  

Lee went 5 for 5 for his AKC Master Hunter title and has passed 2 Master Tests that qualified towards his Master Hunter Advanced Title.   So far, he has passed all 7 Master Hunt Tests that he has entered. 

Lee also has 1 Seasoned Pass in HRC Hunt Tests and needs 2 more for his Hunting Retriever Title. 

Lee has also competed in AKC Field Trials and has finished several trials but with no placements. 

What I enjoy most about Lee is the way we can hunt woodcock together.  He is just a joy to be with and we can have a relaxed casual walk and yet hunt hard and find birds.   If I was taking a person hunting woodcock for their first experience, Lee would be my "go to" dog for the day.  We can really put on a show. 

Many folks have shot their first woodcock hunting over Lee.   Lee knows the game and excels with producing game for the gun and retrieving the game if shot.   


Lee Roy Pedigree.doc Lee Roy Pedigree.doc
Size : 34 Kb
Type : doc

Lee Roy retrieving a woodcock.  My second bird of the day.  Hunting with Tom and Kevin.   Tom finished his limit at the beginning of this trail which is the background of this picture.  Kevin got his second bird on this trail as well. Nice hunt.  


Training "retriever style" at Simpson Creek Farm.  Josie and Lee took to the blind like they had done this before.   Good water work training.  


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