This page is for pictures of Bingo's pups from her different litters.  I will try to keep these updated as I receive pic's of the pups. 

Bingo's first litter had 1 female and 4 males.   Lee Roy (see his page) was the male pup I kept from that first litter. 

Bingo's 2nd litter was with "Chance" and there was only one pup, Josie.  You can see pic's on her page. 

Below are the three pups from Bingo's repeat breeding to NFC FC AFC Adamsmark 2nd Chance  2 Males and 1 female born on March 19, 2013

The little pup is Jacy, the female at 7wks of age.  Jacy is now AFC Flatwaters I love you right up to the Moon and Back, SH 

The boy with the dog duck hunting is Jet, one of the male pups.   Jet was very helpful on a few duck hunts this Fall.  

I have two granddaughters of Bingo,  Ellie and Ann.   Ellie is a daughter of Josie and Ann is a daughter of Jacy

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