From time to time I will have a started dog for sale.   These dogs will not necessarily be dogs I am not interested in keeping.  I have limited space and will have my personal dogs for field trialing and hunting.   However, if I own a dog during hunting season, then it will probably get a chance to hunt so I can share how the dog works in real hunting situations.    My goal is to develop dogs so that the new owner can continue the training process or can send to a professional that can continue to training.   

I am not a Professional trainer so I will not be taking dogs in for training.  I will only be training dogs I own.  

I have recently purchased a Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel.   He is approx 5 months old and has potential to be a nice hunting dog and companion.   I am going to spend a few months with him to get to know him so I can understand what environment would be best for him to reach his potential.   If you might be interested in a him, let's start a conversation so that I am familiar with you and your hunting style.   This dog may or may not fit your situation.   It's best to know this in advance.   

You can visit my Youtube channel and see video's of dogs as they progress in their training. 

Below is a video that will get you to my channel and then you can browse the video's.   

Thank you for visiting my website.   

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