Keeper of Nottingham    "Kasey"

May 15, 1999 - June 14, 2013

Kasey was an interesting dog.  He had as much hunt drive as any dog I have ever had and boy was he fast.  He only knew one speed.   He taught me a lot about dogs.  Sometimes you just learn to work with what you have.   Kasey took 2nd Place in the National Upland Classic Series National in March 2004 which was the 2003 National Finals.    Kasey had a couple Started Passes with HRC but I never finished the title.  I was always hopeful of getting him steady enough to run the Seasoned Level test.  Well, that never happened.    I did get a couple of AKC Senior Passes on him when, at an older age, I was finally able to keep him steady at the water for the marked retrieve.  I had other dogs to work with and was paying for entries to run them and so Kasey didn't get the additional training due to his desire to not be consistently line steady.    Kasey was a hunting dog like no other.  If you went with him, he was going to find and put birds in the air.  Albeit a little chaotic at times but you always knew he was going to hunt and hunt he did. 


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