Nottingham's Dunnegan The Elegant One   "Ellie"

DOB 04/15/2017

SIRE:  AFC Dunnegan's Zipper, SH "Zip"

DAM:  AFC Nottingham's Adamsmark She's the One, MHA  "Josie"

Ellie came into my life on April 15, 2017.    She is out of my dog Josie.   Josie has been an incredible dog and it was time to get another pup and start over.  I really enjoy the developing of a pup and it's been 5 years since I started out with Josie.    Ellie was one of 3 pups from the litter.  One pup was stillborn and one faded and passed away at 1 week of age.   Sometimes things happen and there are no answers to the questions but you just move on.   

Ellie has started out well and shows that she is a smart pup and learns quickly.   The challenge with a pup like this is to not go too fast and allow her time to mature and develop.   I have uploaded several videos to Youtube.  These videos are for your entertainment and enjoyment.   However, if you see something that catches your attention or brings up questions, feel free to contact me to discuss.   

Here is a link to my channel and a video of Ellie at 5 weeks playing with a knotted rag.

Once you are at my channel, feel free to view other videos. 

I am looking forward to seeing how she matures and am optimistic about her future.   

Ellie has turned out to be a very consistent dog.  A lot like her mother, Josie.   She has stayed small in stature.  Has plenty of "spaniel" action and a high drive to search and find things.    I was able to take her woodcock hunting on a "solo" hunt and was fortunate to bag a limit of woodcock with her.    I was also able to introduce her to duck hunting in January 2018.   

The 2018 Woodcock season was the worst year I have seen for woodcock production.   I don't know why but it was.   However, with limited woodcock available, Ellie performed very well staying steady to flush, shot and retrieve on several birds.   Her hunt ethic was very pleasurable to watch.   She will step into her mothers role very nicely.  


AKC Spaniel Hunt Tests:

April 28, 2018  -  Missouri Hunting Spaniel Club Hunt Test.   Passed Junior Hunt Test

AKC English Springer Spaniel Field Trials: 

May 19, 2018 -  Missouri Hunting Spaniel Club Field Trial Water Test :  Passed

January 10, 2019  - Missouri Hunting Spaniel Club Field Trial - Open Stake  Called back to the 3rd series.   We passed the first bird in the 3rd so was disqualified.  Very pleased with the performance of this 21 month old pup.     

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